Critical Ops Review



  • Critical Ops is one of the best online first person shooter games on internet world. It is available on Facebook Gameroom, Google Play and iTunes.
  • It is free to download and it is free to play.
  • Finnish developers Critical Force made very nice job with development of this game. There are many tournaments and events on the game which you will enjoy to join. There are also many good rewards for these events.
  • We loved graphics of the game.


  • Lag makes too much difference while you are playing the game. However there is nothing to do with lag. Just check your internet connection.

Critical Ops is a nice action first person shooter game that you can play on Facebook Gameroom, iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play, you can still purchase items and goods with real cash. It is one of the rare FPS games that you can play on mobile. Unfortunately there is not any browser version of the game.

Critical Ops Gameplay

After you download the game in your device, you can begin to the game. If you ever played Counter Strike before, you can easily play this game. Click on “Custom Games” after you pick the name for your character on the game and then select a game which has been created. You can select a room from “Quick”, “Browse”, “Filters” sections. You can also host a game on Critical Ops. You need to select “Host” section to create a new multiplayer game.

After you select a game, you will have a few seconds to pick your equipment in the game. So you should hurry. You will need to purchase weapons and other equipment on the game at normal games, at death matches, you can pick a weapon and play with that continuously. You will able to design colors of your weapons and equipment on the game.

You can chat with other players on the game and this can be fun at times. However it can be also a problem.

The game is similar with Red Crucible: Firestorm, however there are no tanks, no copters and armored vehicles on Critical Ops. You can watch the video below for having more information about the gameplay of Critical Ops.


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