Guild Wars 2 Review



  • Minimum Requirements:
    Browser: N/A
    Android: N/A
    iPad and iPhone: N/A
    Windows OS: Windows® XP Service Pack 3, Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or equal, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 or Equal, 35 GB HDD Storage,
    macOS: Mac OS®X 10.7.X, Intel® Core™ i5, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® 320M or Equal, 25 GB HDD Storage
    Windows Mobile : N/A
    Debian : N/A
    Linux : N/A
  • Platforms: Windows OS, macOS
  • Release Date: 28 August 2012
  • Publisher: ArenaNet, NCSOFT



  • It is one of the best MMORPG that you can play on your macOS and Windows OS devices.
  • There are many players who are playing this game and you can create communities with them.
  • You can play this awesome game free. You can still purchase stuff from the game.
  • Guild Wars 2 has very good graphics and that’s why the game asks for devices with high quality.
  • The game is providing good events for their users.
  • There is good Expansion version of the game. It is paid but still good with good opportunities to players.
  • Skill effects and class options are making this game many decent. You will able to find many classes from FRP world on this game.


  • Unfortunately Guild Wars 2 asks for high quality devices to play the game.
  • You need to spare 35 GB in your HDD to play the game.
  • There are many cheats about the game on internet.

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most famous online games for years and it is playable on Windows OS and macOS at the moment. Unfortunately you can not play the game on Android and iPhone devices at the moment. It is free to play and you can download the game client from official website of the game.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay

After you create your account, your adventure will begin with selecting your race and your class. There are multiple classes which you can select on the game and each class have different specs and stats. We recommend you to check all classes carefully and make your decision after that. Skill effects and graphics of the game are awesome and you will love to experience Guild Wars 2 if you like MMORPG. The game is free to play but you can still purchase some items on the game.  The game also have some packages for sale on the main website. We are going to mention about these packages in other pages.


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