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Forge of Empires is a free-to-play real time strategy game for ios, android, and web browsers. Estabilish your own city-state and use strategy, and military might to make your mark in history and dominate the playing field. Conquer other cities and challenge other players in turn-based battles to gain valuable resources needed to grow your empire and lead it from its humble beginnings in the Stone Age, to the Middle Ages, and all the way to modern times. Like, literally you wait “ages” to advance to the next level, but i’ll save the critism for the content.

One of the advantages of the game is, as I mentioned earlier is its wide availability. Players can access Forge of Empires from their Browsers, Apple ios, Android App, and even on Facebook. It’s only fitting that a game that can create an empire reaches across a multitude of platforms. And the other advantage relies in your patience, because as you upgrade yourself, your kingdom, you need Forge points… As every free to play game, you have a disadvantage if you dont play for extra gems/gold. About the patience if you play the game like I did then you’ll have to wait for every single building like an hour after you advance to the next age, and withe every age comes + 1 hour.

[Story] – If you want to play the game for the story, then I’m sorry to dissapoint you but there is none. It’s all about conquering with strategy, and advanceing to the newest age.

[Graphics] – Improved graphics settings, slower pc’ s can play forge without tanking the browser, phones and tablets will drain the battery slower, but on max settings it is pretty, I like it, it gives a feeling with every age, like, you live inside.

[Gameplay] – The only thing I think it’s worth mentioning is the strategy you have to figure out behind every battle after the Bronze-age because I bet after the 2nd unsuccesful battle you’ll try to negotiate.

[Tips] – *You know every time when you haven’t collected the resources, there is that small golden hammer box somewhere under the right quest givers, if you press that it collects you everything for 5 or 10 gems…But did you know, if you click on one building with stuff to collect, and then drag the mouse across all the buildings, it will collect them all without you having to click on each individual one.
* Build bigger prod. buildings. There are times when 4 smaller buildings produce more than one larger one which takes up the same space, but the benefit comes from Motivating. When you have 4 smaller buildings, it takes 4 people to motivate them to a level which competes with one larger building getting Motivated by one person. So building a larger prod. building frees up other building for Motivation.
* Buy as many FP’s as you can, as often as you can, within reason of course. The faster you move through the tech tree, the faster you unlock expansions and new techs that provide higher yield of coins and supplies. Yes, they get very expensive after a while, but it’s still worth it. Every time i log in, i start with spending them.

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